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About me

mCmanu is a combination of "mC" and "manu". "mC" represents "Music Composer" (to me) and "manu" is a nickname of my firstname "Emmanuel". I find that it is shorter to call me "manu" instead of "Emmanuel". When I came to the point to decide on an artist name, I've found it cool to mix what I do and a my shortenened name, or nickname.

I am a french canadien that grew up in Montréal. So, my first language is French, as most of the population of Québec. I've been raised by a mother that seperated in the early years and I have a brother and a sister. In my early years I've grew up in Montreéal-Nord until I was 8, then, we moved to Saint-Léonard until I was 13, then on the south shore of Montréal, in a city called Longueuil. That's where I started to play with music trackers on computers. My first computer was an Intel 80286 with 16 mHz of speed. At that time, I was using Impulse Tracker to compose music. A kind of very old school music program that works with a regular computer keyboard, in VGA under DOS 5. I used a Creative Labs AdLib 32 ISA with some old school memory modules on it, as my primary sound controler.

In 1998 I've met a very special guy named Jean-Yves Gauthier (Former press-assistant from the ex-Quebec Prime Minister, Lucien Bouchard. Jean-Yves rapidly got interested in my music and after some years we decided to join our forces and he became my manager from 2001 to 2006. During my career, we've been producing some albums, a lot of music and been attended to many venues like "Source Of Light", "Radius", among with other underground partyes in Québec, Ontario, Miami (Florida) and so on.

What I do

Trance music composition

Yes, that's what I did first. From 1994 to 2010. You can access my whole collection here. There you will find links to listen or download everything I did.

Web Design

I also do cool websites like this one. I program with PHP and MySQL along with JavaScript and CSS. You can find a list of my active projects here.


I have my own SMB called Informatique Rive-Nord (Translate to "North Shore Computers") wich offers many IT services such as networking, structured cabling and general IT.

Having fun

I love to benefit from life and I always have a good time with my familly and friends. I like hanging out, doing photography and travel.

Get in touch

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Emmanuel Nadeau
Terrebonne, QC, Canada
P: +1 (514) 265-9013
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